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Communications for the creative industries and arts and culture organisations are twofold. One is the human kind and the other computing. Reviewing these, finding the right tools and putting a communications infrastructure in place can help move organisations and people in the right direction.

Our communication services come in the form of consultancy and solution. We discuss your present communication workflow, challenges you face when communicating; be it marketing, social media, internally and externally with staff and partners; and look at ways of improving the administration of it all.

Due to communications being a wide and varied subject this service often starts with a discussion with you to identify the challenges and opportunities you have in this area of your practice or business. Then we propose a way forward, which may be in the form of mentoring, business advice, research, reporting findings to you, finding solutions, implementing them and training.


The first step to any solution is an audit. Here we help you list what you have, how its used, where you want to go, how you administrate communications and more. Once a clear picture is found we can start to plan a robust solution that works for you. We cover communications and IT in areas of:

  • Email & Social Media
  • Data Storage
  • Cloud Computing
  • External & Internal Communications
  • PR and Branding
  • And Much More

Once we have identified your needs and created the 'information architecture' for your organisation we make proposals in the form of a report. Once you have digested the recommendations we and our associates (if applicable) and your team help deliver the solutions. This may include:

  • Software Solution Services
  • Training for Staff
  • Purchasing IT Services
  • Making Training Videos
  • Creating Policies
  • Financial Planning
  • And Much More

If you lead an organisation and know you need to adopt more digital practices but need help understanding it all we can help. We have helped many leaders and practitioners to see the wider digital landscape and how it can help you grow. We can help with:

  • 1-2-1 Digital Mentoring
  • Understanding Data
  • Creating a Digital Strategy
  • Building Digital Skills
  • Adopting Digital Attitudes
  • Staying Informed
  • And Much More

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