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Working in the creative industries or arts and culture sector can at times be isolating. Business owners, practitioners, leaders and more are keen to make progress and grow, but at times feel that it never happens or simply takes too long. That’s where business advice and mentoring can help. Whether that be from a personal or business perspective.

As qualified business advisers, Associate of the Institute of Business Consulting, and 100’s of hours experience in advising and mentoring practitioners and businesses, we also understand the challenges and opportunities owners and leaders are faced with. With a ‘critical friend’ one can help grow and sound-out options and ideas.


Mentoring is about one person helping another to achieve something that is important to them. It is about giving help and support in a manner that the recipient will appreciate and value and that will empower them to move forward with confidence towards what they want to achieve.

Our mentoring service is about creating an informal environment in which one can feel encouraged to discuss their needs and circumstances openly and in confidence with another person who is in a position to be of positive help to them.

For us it is also about creative development from both business and personal perspectives, which in some ways can lead to creative or cultural leadership benefits.


You may find a coach or mentor that has little business experience or an adviser with little creative mentoring experience. We are unique because we with have all these skills and advised 100’s of creative practitioners and businesses.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a great partnership.

Asked by Potential Clients

Two Most Common Questions

01What type of Business Advice do you provide?

As a qualified business advisor and social enterprise specialist we advise all sorts of businesses. Most are from the creative industries or arts and culture sector.

We advise in all areas of business. From start-ups to established businesses. With decades of experience, we know that many organisations and practitioners look for marketing, business capacity, growth and financial advice. But we also cover areas such a social impact, funding and grants, IT, communications, legal, policy, boards and much more.

02How Does This Service Work?

1. Contact us about the challenges or opportunities you are dealing with.

2. We will advise on whether our services are suitable, how we can help, and at what cost.

3. If you proceed we will meet or discuss things a regular basis. During these meetings you may given some homework to do.

4. Once you feel that you have achieved change or growth and no longer need our services we simply stay in contact in case you need us again for minor updates.