Digital Leadership

Using digital assets to achieve business goals

group of people with digital leader in business officeWhen we talk about digital there are two aspects to consider. Firstly, the operational and communication type we use in business such as social media, websites, apps, film, software and digital marketing. The second is innovation and cutting-edge technologies that can transform the arts and culture you make and how it is shared. Both can be present opportunities for any organisation and managed easily with right mind-set.

To become a digital leader, you don’t need to understand how each, and every technology works. You do however need to adopt an open mind and always have the mantra of ‘what can data for me’.

You’ll also need to stay informed of digital developments and understand if your existing digital activities are measured and yielding results. By nurturing a healthy attitude to digital we can help you grow.

Digital Leadership Framework

We believe the following framework is a great guide for managing the digital ambitions of leaders and is a great way to nurture this leadership talent:

  • Vision. Leaders must cultivate a culture focused on generating multiple digital revenue streams and identify new use cases linked to emerging technologies with clear risk-management approaches in place.
  • Simplification and Integration. It’s critical that companies put in place an enterprise digital platform infrastructure in place to support a digital organisation and its activities.
  • Ecosystem. Leaders must build an external customer focused solution that is tailored to their organisational needs. Investing in greater interconnectivity across their business can produce significant impact in terms of working more digitally with their partners and customers.
  • Data-driven business. Digital transformation requires that organisations look at data in an entirely different way, so they can identify ways to monetize and inform new business models (referred to as “infonomics”). It also requires a new understanding of the customer experience and how to use data about customers to deliver a personalised experience.
  • Talent management. Leaders find ways to attract new types of top digital talent that will effectively turn digital use cases into a profitable digital capability, quickly and efficiently. Too often we also see organisations that have designated web content creators or marketing assistants that do not fully utilise data capturing; reducing ROI. Talent management in this area is also needed by today’s digital leadership.

how this service works

Like all our consultancy, mentoring and business advice we first have a dialogue with you about the levels of your digital understanding. We discuss what your particular sector is or is not doing and we look at the challenges and opportunities you have in your existing digital infrastructure. We’ll also look at other communications such as social media and digital revenue.

We offer audit and reporting services if need be and make recommendations. We also set out regularly meetings with you to discuss how you are exercising and leading digital transformation or adoption in your organisation. Sometimes we work as part of your team as your digital lead until the organisation has the right infrastructure in place to manage themselves.

Need digital leadership in your organisation?

Examples of Our Work

Check out some the design and digital programmes we have been involved in over our 20 years in the creative industries.


Working with South West partners and Somerset County Council we helped develop a three year technology adoption, digital skills, and business advice service for the county of Somerset, and delivered front-line services.


Using design and innovation EU funding we created a 'sustainable design' programme for designers culminating to a national conference, workshops and more. Partners included universities, businesses, gov and trade agencies.


Supporting Plymouth University and Somerset County Council we delivered business innovation programmes and business workshops for regional businesses. All sectors shown how innovation culture can be used.


Utilising business networks we created a new set of short networking meetings and workshops for the design community. Creating new dialogue between business providers and agencies to develop leadership in the sector.


In 2005 we help create the first design network in the South West and from that came county and regional based networks. These networks obtained funding to deliver design business support services throughout the region.


Along with Creative Innovation Centre we were commissioned to develop a new digital network for Taunton Deane and research needs of the creative industries. This was used to inform policy and creative industries investment.